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World Animal Protection

Interested in creating the ultimate team-building exercise? Host a corporate fundraiser for World Animal Protection! Your employees will love learning more about adorable animals while they bond with coworkers and give back to a worthwhile cause. 

Fundraisers can be as diverse as walk-a-thons, holiday parties, trivia nights, raffles or auctions, loose change collection, or potlucks where employees donate to partake. You can even challenge other departments or similar businesses to do the same thing to see who can raise the most funds. These are just a few ideas - get your employees' creative juices flowing by holding a brainstorming session for additional options.

We can provide basic materials, such as brochures, and we're also here to support your fundraising efforts. 

What could be a better team-building exercise than one that also helps suffering animals around the world? Get started today!

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